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CCSD 46 Frequently Asked Questtions
Last updated: 11/09/11

Board of Education Public Comments/Questions
How are the school calendar dates determined?

This process is begun by the Regional Office of Education. This office provides each of the districts a recommended school calendar. The feeder districts and the high school district meet to determine if there can be some consistency. Each of the districts also meet with the teachers' unions. Finally, a recommendation is taken to the Board for approval. Up until a couple of years ago, we were able to develop calendars that were nearly the same. However, the high school district opted to begin earlier in August to allow them to end their semester prior to the winter break. The four feeder districts are very similar.

What are "unfunded" mandates?

Unfunded mandates are State laws or regulations that the districts must follow but for which the district receives no money. For example, all districts must abide by the new "common core" standards, new principal and teacher evaluations, Response to Intervention (RtI) and PBIS ( behavioral interventions). Each of these initiatives requires extensive training and the purchase of materials. There is, however, no money from the state to help us implement. Each of these mandates will positively effect our children. With dwindling financial resources, it is a challenge to determine how we will be able to support these mandates.

Can you explain what the staff absenteeism rate was for February 22, 2011?

Staff absenteeism on February 22 was as follows:

    18 sick, of those 18, 6 are on long term leave
    1 personal
    3 professional leave (workshops, etc. that were pre-approved by building principal and superintendent)
    3 half-day sick

Support Staff
    15 sick
    2 vacation

Why does the Board have to vote on the checkbook without seeing it?

The Board of Education receives financial information prior to taking action at the Board of Education meetings. Financial and other information is delivered to them in their Board packets for their review several days prior to the meetings.

Why does the Board of Education allow the action on items during the last meeting of currently seated board?

There is no legal prohibition against a "lame duck" board from entering into contracts prior to the seating of the new board members. School boards, like all public boards, are continuing in nature despite changes in their composition. Citation: Argo High School Council of Local 571 v. Argo Community High School District 127, 516 N.E.2d 834 - 5th District, 1987; Libertyville Education Association v. Board of Education of School District No. 70, 371 N.E2d.

Isn't the Board of Education obligated to announce formal complaints?

Policy 2:260 provides that the Superintendent will keep the Board informed of all complaints. This may be done in a Superintendent's Report, or by any other means, written or oral. There is no requirement that the Superintendent or the Board of Education make a public announcement regarding the filing of a complaint, or otherwise publicly disclose the complaint.

Why wasn't snow removed in a timely fashion after the major snowstorm in February 2011?

Allegations have been made that ALL exits were blocked at both Prairieview and Woodview during the winrer snow storm January 31-February 3, where over 22 inches of snow fell. CCSD 46 cancelled school on Wednesday and Thursday of that week and after consulting with neighboring districts, the transportation company and the Operations and Maintenance department the decision was made to hold school on Friday. At Prairieview School, there were two exits that were still blocked - the kitchen and the maintenance exits, neither of which students use as an exit. By noon on Friday they were cleared. The issue with those two doors is that they are impacted by wind, and would be reblocked by snow as soon as it was removed. At Woodview School there were three exits that were snow covered, and again, by noon on Friday they were cleared. At no time were students in danger and at no time were ALL exits blocked.


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