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The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides public access to government documents and records. Community Consolidated School District 46 is subject to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

Information on the Illinois Freedom of Information Act may be found in the Guide to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, prepared by the Office of the Attorney General, Lisa Madigan in 2004, and on the Attorney General website.

CCSD 46 FOIA Compliance Officer:
Susan Walker




Information Requested


Chicago, IL

Time: 30 minutes
Cost: $50.00

  • Does Grayslake CCSD 46 currently have any leases or agreements with telecommunications providers for cellular antennae and/or towers installed by the provider on your school property?
  • If so, I would like copies of all current lease agreements, including documents showing:
    a. The location(s) of all cellular antennae and/or towers on Grayslake CCSD 46's school property, and
    b. The amount paid to the school district each year by the telecommunications company.




Information Requested


One Chance Illinois

Time: 45 minutes
Cost: $50.00

  • Does your district have an acceleration policy?
  • If yes, does it allow students to enter kindergarten early?
  • If yes, does it allow students to enter first grade early?
  • If yes, does it allow students to take classes at a higher level than their current grade?
  • If yes, does it allow students to skip grades?
  • If yes, does it allow students to graduate high school early?


Lauricella, Gabriella
Data Acquisition Specialist

Time: 1 hour
Cost: $31.00

  • Purchase order number. If purchase orders are not used comparable substitute is acceptable, i.e., invoice, encumbrance, or check number
  • Purchase date
  • Line item details (Detailed description of the purchase)
  • Line item quantity
  • Line item price
  • Vendor ID number, name address, contact person, and their email address
  • What is the beginning of your fiscal year?




Information Requested


Morris, Suzanne

Time: 2 hours
Cost: $65.00
Attorney Cost: $2,284.00

  • Requested an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of records that include all meeting times, locations, participants, records and recommendations of the Joint Committee created by the school district as required by state law for all dates since the creation of the Joint Committee to present. Also, all board of education actions and discussions that resulted from recommendations made to the board of education. Certain times, place and participants of meetings of the importance were recorded on calendars, room reservations, emails, etc. Also, any emails regarding content and decisions to arrange, summarize and make recommendations to the board of education are requested.


Griffin, Jake
Daily Herald

Time: 1 hour
Cost: $93.00

  • Invoices and all documents sufficient to show legal costs incurred by the district as it pertains to an Open Meetings Act complaint files by Sue Morris on January 4, 2014, and adjudicated by the Illinois Attorney General's Public Access Counselors office as "OMA Request for Review-2014 PAC 27532" with an opinion issued September 8, 2016.


Zellers, Mary
Impact Networking, LLC
Lake Forest, IL

Time: 1 hour
Cost: $31.00

  • Lease and Maintenance or Service Contract(s) pertaining to all copier and printer equipment used by the school/district
  • Contract(s) pertaining to any Managed Print Services and Outsources Managed IT Program used by the school/district
  • Current Invoices




Information Requested


Hopkins, Denise
Libertyville, IL

Time: 1 hour
Cost: $28.00

  • Names of all non-certified support staff employees;
  • All support staff jobs titles;
  • Hire dates;
  • Work sites and corresponding addresses;
  • The number of hours scheduled to work per week (or percentage appointment);
  • The number of months scheduled to work per year;
  • Bargaining unit status (i.e., whether or not they are covered by a collective bargaining agreement.) and, if they are in a bargaining unit, the name of the labor organization with which that unit is affiliated
  • Copies of any contracts the district has with subcontractors currently engaged in district suppot staff work (e.g., transportation services, food services, custodial services, etc.)


Rutecki, Jared
Digital Journalist
Better Government Association
Chicago, IL

Cost: $50.00

  • Collective Bargaining Agreementl Any and all-current collective bargaining agreements, including but not limited to union contracts with teachers. If a union is currently operating under an expired contract, please include it.
  • Administrator ContractsL Any and all employment/personnel agreements and contracts with current administrators, including but limited to superintendents and principals.
  • Budget: The approved operating and capital budgets for the 2016-17 school year.
  • Legal Settlements: Any and all legal settlements entered into, signed, or otherwise adopted from August 1, 2015 to present.
  • Payroll: Documents sufficient to show the names and corresponding job titles and salaries of any and all district employees and board members as of today.


Gordon, Elizabeth L.
Mettawa, IL

Cost: $280.00

  • The total number of students in your district, breaking down these numbers into the following four categories (not by student name): (a) Students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and remaining in the public school, (b) Students with IEPs and placed in private therapeutic day schools, residention facilities or other placements for which the district had provided or i currently providing partial or complete funding, (c) Students with 504 Plans, and (d) Students without either an IEP or 504 Plan. Provide copies of all settlements pertaining to category (b).
  • The number of students for whom the district provided home bound educational services and, for each such student, indicate (a) the duration of such services (e.g., how many consecutive weeks were such services provided), (b) the hours per week of instructional time provided, and (c) the hours per week of related service time (e.g., social work or other therapeutic supports).
  • The number of student for whom parent(s)/guardian(s) have formally requested an IEP (i.e., a meeting occurred) but where an IEP wasn't provided by the District.
  • The overall District annual budget amount and the portion of the budget allocated to and spent on special education services, breaking this special education services budget into line-item income and expenses per your standard bookkeeping practices. Indicate the amount allocated to in-service education teaching staff with respect to special education.
  • The total number of IEP meetings held. Of this number reported for each of these periods, please indicate how many meetings included in attendance: (a) legal cousel for both the district and the student, (b) legal cousel for only the district, and (c) no legal cousel.
  • The total amount spent on legal services in each such period, breaking out the legal spend related to special education laws including but not limited to attorneys consulted in connection with categories (a), (b) and (c) from request No. 1 above.
  • A description of teacher in-service training (group or individualized) and other supports provided by the district to teachers working with students under IEPs and/or 504 Plans, with copies of applicable materials.




Information Requested


Griffin, Jake
Daily Herald

Cost: $17.00

  • Reports, or documents sufficient to show, the results of any lead testing or any other contaminants done on the drinking water at district buildings, including what equipment was tested, the name and/or address of the testing location and any necessary follow up remediation plans if necessary for 2015 and 2016 or the most recent available test results.
  • Invoices, or documents sufficient to show, cost of drinking water quality testing at district facilities in 2015 and 2016 or the most recent available testing dates.


Hoffmann, Matt
Chicago, IL

Cost: $28.00

  • Please provide copies of the following records:
    A list, in Microsoft Excel, of all employees with the following column headers,
    1. A non-social secutiry number unique identifier such as employee or payroll ID#
    2. Employee last name, first name
    3. Employment status (full-time, part time)
    4. Standard hours worked per week
    5. Hourly rate
    6. Annual salary (if applicable)
    7. Job title
    8. Job title code (if applicable)
    9. Work location name (if applicable)
    10. Work address (if applicable)
    11. Work phone (if applicable)
    12. Work email (if applicable)
    13. Status of position (permanent, temporary, civil service, non-civil service, if applicable)
    14. Unions designation (if non-union, please indicate, otherwise indicate which bargaining unit and labor union this position falls under)
    15. Standard union dues deducted per pay period
    16. Pay periods per year

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