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February 2016


In the fall and early winter months, lice like to visit. Unfortunately, they love clean hair and sleepovers! When lice or eggs (nits) are found in the hair, the lice have already been present up to a month prior. This makes it difficult to track the host! District 46 follows a no-nit policy. Once the student is treated at home, the trained health clerk checks them the following day. The student is brought to school by the parent, first thing in the morning, to the office before returning to class. Privacy is always our top priority, while checking the hair and calling home. Proper combing of the hair and thorough cleaning treatment of the home and vehicle (bedding, clothing, furniture, cloth car seats) is key to stopping the cycle of the lice. Please visit the following link for more detailed information:

National Association of School Nurses, Inc. - Head Lice 101


Influenza is still here in Lake County. The Illinois Dept. of Health is recommending getting the flu vaccine if you haven't already-it's not too late!

Take the flu quiz

For more information, visit: CDC Influenze website.

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